Kinds of Computer Printers

Computer printers make the information in hard copy easily available. The processing of business transactions is made easier. These printers are one of the most important computer hardware parts. It connected to the computer to enable the printing of documents from your desktop.

Printers have become one of the necessities to any business to make the daily operations work smoothly. The kind of printer that a company should acquire depends on its requirement to accomplish the tasks.

Currently, there are different kinds of computer printer in the market. These are laser printer, ink jet printer, plotters printer, and dot matrix printer. Let me provide the description of each printer type.

Laser Printer

This is the most often purchased printer today. Its high quality print output outfoxes prints from other printer types. The text and graphics are printed with quality result. The reason why there are lots of people who choose lasers despite is comparatively higher price is that it is economical. Its LED technology helps reduce the use of toner from a cartridge. It takes small particles in minimal amount to give out quality prints.

Ink jet Printer

Before the advent of laser printers, ink jet printers are the most widely used printer type. They are cheaper than any other printer types and produces quality output. However, the only disadvantage is that the printing time would take longer. It is because such kind of printers uses variably-sized droplets of ink that is propelled onto the paper or various print media. This printing process takes time to perform the printing of the material. The advantage of using these printers aside from cheaper price is that they are capable of printing colored documents such as photos and with a glossy finish.
Plotters Printer

This type of printer is ideal for printing larger drawings. High quality print out is made out of having the pen plotters pen move across the surface of the medium. This is the most unique printer so far invented and available in the market.

This is very common among department stores and malls. Thermal printer are convenient to be used by cashiers because it allows the calculations and giving the print out at the same time in fast manner. Fax machines also have this kind of technology. This, however, works only on papers that are heat sensitive. It operates by having the heated pins pushed against the medium.

Of all the printer types, this is the oldest type. Inspired from typewriter, this printer operates by having its pin strike against the ink ribbon. The print out from dot matrix is easily recognized because of the obvious lines and dots that you can see on the image or character it prints; hence it is called dot-matrix. Despite its obsolescence, dot-matrix printer is still used by some business establishments because its mechanical pressure enables the producing of carbon and carbon-less copies. 

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